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Check out G-ray Florist Malaysia’s online flower delivery availability especially in KL and Penang. There are some circumstances that we experience, and here are the delivery policy you might need to check it out.

Same Day or Next Day Delivery in Malaysia

Orders that are received before 1:00pm can be delivered on the same day. Otherwise we will deliver on the next working day. If an order is made on a Sunday or late Saturday, we will make the delivery on first working day of the following week.

Specific Delivery in the Morning or Afternoon

Delivery in the morning, afternoon or a specific time (e.g. before 5pm) is possible for orders received at least one day before the delivery date. However, we will notify you if the specific delivery time you request is not possible in some unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Peak Seasons, Public Holidays and Sundays

Please place your orders at least 2 days in advance for delivery to be made on peak seasons (e.g. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day), public holidays and Sundays. Special arrangements have to be made to accommodate such orders. In the event that such arrangements are not possible, the delivery will be made a day before or a day after the requested date.

Recipient is not at the home when we deliver.

If the recipient is not at home or at the delivery address location when we deliver, we may choose to:

Refund Policy

We have a money-back guarantee policy for all products on this site. Please notify us immediately if you encounter any problems upon receipt of our products. If we do not receive a refund request on a timely basis, we reserve the right to refuse it. This is due the nature of our products that are mainly perishable items. The supply of particular type of flowers and specific colours may be affected by seasonal conditions and availability. As such, we reserve the right to replace the floral arrangement contents to fulfill your order in time with a substitute of equal or higher value. The floral arrangements shown are merely a general guideline. A certain item shown (e.g. container, vase, basket etc) may not always be available. In such cases, we will substitute it with an alternative item of similar value and style.

We also reserve the right to refuse a refund request if the information we receive is incorrect (e.g. delivery address, contact number, etc). In the event if we have confirmed your payment and yet are unable to fulfill your order due to unforeseen circumstances, we will attempt to fulfill your order again, subjected to your preference. We will ensure our best to deliver the freshest flowers and the best service possible.

Please be informed that prices shown are not applicable for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Prices for both these celebrations will be announced on this site two weeks prior to the celebrations.

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