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Online Flower Delivery | Florist In Malaysia | Florist Malaysia

G-Ray Florist - The Best Online Flower Delivery

Why do people send flowers?

People send flowers because they would like to express a particular feeling a specific person. It is not necessary that only men send flowers to women. Flowers are given for unique intentions and for different occasion. It is one of the best way to deliver a heartfelt message that will touch the receiver and be remembered. Today, people give flowers to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, festive greetings like Christmas and even a congratulation message during graduation day or an opening of a business. It is also common for people to send flowers to express sympathy, apology or wishing someone to get well soon. Basically, flowers are a perfect gift for numerous occasions. The prices of flowers are reasonable yet it gives a classy and expensive feel. It is a wonderful gift that your special someone will definitely appreciate.

Who is G-Ray Florist?

G-Ray Florist was established back in 1992 in Penang. During our humble beginning, we operated from home and offered floristry services to the townships in Penang. Today in Penang Florist and KL Florist, we have our physical presence. We serve customers all over Malaysia and from the Asian region. We are establishing our presence online and customers can connect with us via our e-store or via Facebook.

What does G-Ray Florist do?

G-Ray Florist is a one-stop place for anyone looking to flower delivery services and unique gifts to celebrate and commemorate an occasion. We take your delivery very seriously and strive to create the best experience for you and your receiver through our products and services. We also create floral arrangements and bouquets for weddings and events. While we may have a lot of creative ideas of our own, it is important that we always listen to our customers and distinctively craft out the look and feel of the event perfectly.

What is so special about G-Ray florist compare to other florist in Malaysia?

Truth be told, our passion is to create an experience for people and help them deliver thoughtful gestures that brings blessings to others. That is why we pride ourselves with the best service and create quality and distinctively crafted products to bless our customers. We always try to listen to what our customers want and go that extra mile to

What is online Online Flower Delivery?

Flowers are beautiful and its beauty is meant to be shared. Our flowers are fresh from the farm and we delivery them in uniquely crafted bouquets to our customers nationwide. We are able to offer same day delivery is because orders are taken before 1pm everyday. It is really that simple. Browse through our array of products online and get them delivered from the convenience of home or workplace. You can also send flowers on the go using your mobile devices as our website is optimized for most mobile devices.

Why every customer should visit G-Ray Florist to order flowers?

We believe that flowers create an emotional experience for any occasion. That is why we strive to deliver this experience for every of our customers. Our flowers are always handpicked fresh from the farms to ensure we only delivery the ideal freshness for you. We believe that the act of giving should be a pleasure and convenient. Every step of the process is deliberately designed to be easy, effortless and enjoyable to our shoppers and recipients alike. Service level is our utmost priority. Therefore, we are always committed to getting it right all the time.

What are the types of flowers can you find in G-Ray Florist?

You can find an variety of flowers and designs in our web store. Some of the popular ones are roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, sunflowers, carnations, tulips, eustomas, hydrangeas and many more. We are always improving our range of products we offer, making sure that we always meet the needs of our customers.

What can you do in G-Ray Florist?

With flowers, one can be as creative as possible and it’s amazing what can be done with them. Our highly skilled florists are inspired to innovate and craft designs with a wow factor! Our designs are showcased in events, weddings, restaurants and hotels or simply in our handmade floral bouquets delivered to people everyday. Besides flowers we also offer uniquely designed baby showers, food gourmet, specially designed handmade cakes and a selection of vintage wine and champagne to choose from.

What is Same Day Delivery?

We deliver nationwide in Malaysia and we offer same day delivery. This means, if orders are received before 1pm, we are able to get it delivered on the same day. Otherwise, delivery is made on the following day. We’re able to offer same day delivery in all states, cities, major towns and most small towns in the country.

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